Memorandum on Cooperation Between B&H and USA Government is Signed

spiric-bertDeputy Chairman of the B&H Council of Minister and Minister of Finance and Treasure Nikola Špirić and Director of USAID Mission in B&H David Barth signed today a Memorandum of understanding on the development of cooperation between B&H and the USA government for the period 2012-2016.

Minister Špirić emphasized that after the signing of this memorandum the procedure of projects implementation between USAID and B&H will be simplified.

All these years, USAID gives significant support to the development of various aspects of society and this memorandum will enable this cooperation to be better and more efficient in the future”, said Špirić.

He added that the Memorandum presents a legal framework that regulates relations between USAID and B&H partners in order that funds would be directed to the development of competitive trade economy that would improve the economic situation in B&H.

The USAID Director in B&H David Barth stated that Memorandum represents the beginning of new relations between the USA and B&H.

“This memorandum will allow USAID to create partnership relations with government institutions in an easier way. This partnership between the two governments will represent a challenge for B&H institutions to establish a reliable, transparent and efficient system through efficient use of donated funds. USA citizens are generous people, but they require that every dollar that they donate to be used for improvement of life standards of the B&H citizens”, stated Barth.

He added that USAID has been supporting B&H citizens to rebuild the country for 17 years.

(Source: Fena)

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