Memorandum on Cooperation on Project of Support of Adult Education

news_2012_Januar_SREDOJE_NOVIC_599363127The BIH Minister of Civil Affairs Sredoje Nović and Rodney Reviere on behalf of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) signed today in Sarajevo a memorandum on understanding and cooperation between the BiH Council of Ministers, Ministry of Civil Affairs of BIH and GIZ, laying down the common interest and cooperation on the project of support of the education of adults.

Minister Nović said at a press conference that in the framework of the project of support for education of adults, in cooperation with educational and other governments and institutions, GIZ lends support to activities in the area of post-acquisition of basic education and strengthening the competencies of teachers who work with adults.

One of the objectives is the creation of a program of employment and vocational training for people with secondary education in collaboration with companies that share their needs.

Minister Nović said that the mentioned activities, which are being done in cooperation with companies and local communities, has a long-term goal to improve professional perspectives of the work force, strengthen the motivation of adults for further education or retraining, and better chances for employment opportunities.

“One of the reasons for today’s signing of the memorandum is the fact that the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, in cooperation with educational and other governments, recently began to work on the development of qualification framework in BIH, and in this segment GIZ provided support’’, said Nović.

He expressed hope that cooperation in this area of education will continue to further improve and introduce European principles and standards in the local education and training systems and to become included, as soon as possible, in the European area of education and training.

Rodney Reviere, the leader of the project for education for adults, also stressed the importance of cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH and hopes that it would continue.

“With the memorandum we formalized our successful cooperation. It is an important step to highlight our successful cooperation’’, he said.

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