Mercator to take over 83 Stores in BiH and all Debts will be paid off?

After the meeting with BH suppliers, the Commissioner of the Government of Croatia for Agrokor Ante Ramljak confirmed that Mercator and Konzum will be separated by the month of September, when Mercator will take over 83 of its stores and 170 stores will remain to Konzum.

He confirmed that all the analyses that were performed over the last few months showed that this is the best option possible, and together with detailed financial indicators, it was presented to BH suppliers. The debt to the BH suppliers reached 80 million BAM.

All debts will be paid, claimed Ramljak, noting that he believes that this will restore the confidence that is much needed in order to continue with normal operations of this retail chain in BiH.

“Restructuring is necessary. That means the reduction of the cost of business operations. However, that does not necessarily imply the closure of stores and firing people, and we will do everything possible to shift more people to other jobs within the Consortium or the Group,” explained Ramljak.

In two to three months it will be known how many of these intangible stores there is, and implementation will be conducted gradually and there will be no sudden firing of people, he said.

“The Mercator brand will return to this market, on the satisfaction of suppliers, consumers, and employees, and Konzum BiH will be restructured, after which it will be a reliable partner to all of its stakeholders once again,” stated Ante Ramljak.


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