MESS project ‘Undiplomatic Art’ starts with the exhibition ‘Mogu biti gadno strpljiv(a)’

International Theatre Festival MESS, with the help of Fund of Open Society BiH, will organise different programs as a part of the project ‘Undiplomatic Art’ whose aim is to overcome all imposed borders, limitation and barriers, reports FENA.

So, from 22 to 24 March Sarajevo will host artists from Banja Luka, while from 29 to 30 March Banja Luka will host artists from Sarajevo.

Undiplomatic art, organised by MESS for the second time will be opened on Friday, 22 March with the exhibition ‘Mogu biti gradno strpljiv(a)’ by Centre for Visual Communication ‘Protok’ which will be set in the Artistic Gallery of BiH.

Curator of this exhibition Predrag Terzić noted on today’s press conference in Sarajevo that the exhibition will present five years of contemporary art of RS, and that he’s glad that this project will connect Sarajevo and Banja Luka, especially young people.

Curator of exhibition ‘Kultura Pamćenja’ Lejla Hodžić said that this exhibition was created in late 2012 and that it is not exactly a classical exhibition nor a documentary exhibition.

‘The exhibition brings 50 stories inspired by photos, and are related to war, continuation of life, and relations that exist in the area of former Yugoslavia’, said Hodžić

Manager of MESS Festival Dino Mustafić said that the main goal of this program is not just to overcome all barriers, but to show that all borders are administrative and legal, while the art does not know borders.

‘I hope that we’ll have the opportunity to see art from Banja Luka. This program brings themes that will force us to face eache other, because Undiplomatic art is art of the dialogue’, said Mustafić.

Apart from the aforementioned exhibitions, the presentation of artist from Banja Luka in Sarajevo will be continued on 22 March with the concert of group ‘Važno obavještenje’ and ‘Post Scriptum’ in Kriterion cinema, day after, on 23 March, there will be an interesting film program in Kriterion, and on 24 March in SARTR there will be play ‘Tajni dnevnik Adrijana Mola’ by Town theatre Jazavac.

Artists from Sarajevo will present themselves in Banja Luka on 29 March with the play ‘Samo nek’ ne puca’ by Dino Mustafić in Youth Theatre; on 30 March there will be a program at the Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka, and on the same night there will be a concert of a group ‘Velahavle’ in Dom Omladine.

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