UNICEF donated new vehicle to clinic in Tuzla

Representatives of UNICEF BiH have donated a vehicle worth 50 000 USD to clinic in Tuzla which is going to be used by the Centre for Early Growth and Development of Children Tuzla. This vehicle will serve as a playroom and library, reports FENA.

Manager of clinic Tuzla MD Kasim Brigić said that he’s happy because of donation, and added that it is due to good cooperation between UNICEF And clinic which lasts for more than 3 years.

He noted that thanks to successful cooperation between clinc Tuzla and UNICEF BiH, the Centre itself was formed.

It is planned that similar centres form in other parts of Tuzla, and the installation of such centres have started in suburb of Kiseljak and in Maramor, where the vehicle that UNICEF gave will be of great assistance.

In the period to come 3-4 centres for early development and growth will be installed in Tuzla Canton, which will equipped by UNICEF, said Brigić.


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