Leaders of SIPA Received EUFOR Delegation

The Director of SIPA in BiH Goran Zubac and his immediate associates Anđelko Hrgić and Mirza Lišinović, the Assistant Director held a meeting today with representatives of EUFOR.

The reason for the meeting was a draft agreement in connection with classified and unclassified information of EUFOR with police agencies in BiH. The agreement is based on the exchange of information with all police structures in BiH in relation to issues that could affect the eventual compromising of the mandate and the EUFOR Mission to BiH.

After a review of the draft agreement, it was agreed that a more precise version of the text would be provided to SIPA and other police agencies in BiH. The signing of the agreement would be followed by a reconciliation of all parties, which is expected at the end of April of this year, and it would contribute to a more successful cooperation with the EUFOR Mission to BiH.

The Head of the EUFOR Office Christian Harald Poeckel expressed his satisfaction for today’s very successful cooperation with the State Agency for Investigation and Protection, which was confirmed by Goran Zubac. Director Zubac said that the EUFOR Mission in BiH is very important, and that SIPA will in the next period continue to lend the necessary support the EUFOR activities in BiH.

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