Mesud Pezer to fight for a Medal at the European Championship in Berlin

The finals in shot pot at the European Championship in Athletics is scheduled for tonight, and Mesud Pezer will represent BiH.

Pezer threw the ball for 20.16 meters during yesterday’s qualifiers, and thus he was ranked as fifth in the finals.

This qualifying result gives a hope to Pezer that he can win a medal tonight.

The finals will start at 8:33 p.m. and the favourite is David Storl.

Besides Storl, Michal Haratyuk from Poland, Stipe Zunic from Croatia and Makim Afonin from Russia are also hoping for medal.

Besides them and Pezer, in the finals will also perform Aleksej Nihjapar from Belarus, Nikolas Skarvelis from Greece, Konrad Bukowiecki from Poland, Tomas Stanek from the Czech Republic, Bob Bertems from Luxembourg, Jakub Szyszkowski from Poland and Francisco Belo from Portugal.

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