Judgement to be pronounced in the Case of Sasa Curcic for Crimes Against Humanity


The Trial Panel of the Criminal Division of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will announce on Monday, 14 September 2020, a judgment in the case of Saša Ćurčić. The announcement is scheduled to take place at 09:00 hrs, in courtroom 8.

The Indictment charged the accused Saša Ćurčić that, within a widespread and systematic attack of the military, paramilitary and police forces of the so-called Serb Republic of BiH, subsequently Republika Srpska, directed against the Bosniak civilian population of the Municipality of Foča, being aware of such an attack, and knowing that his acts formed part of the attack, as a member of the said forces, along with other persons, knowingly forced the injured party into sexual intercourse or related sexual act (rape), whereby he committed the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity under Article 172(1) g), as read with Article 180(1) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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