Bosnia and Herzegovina opens Borders for all Foreign Tourists Today

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a decision on Thursday at its session in Sarajevo, which allows foreign citizens who have a negative PCR test for coronavirus to enter BiH, news portal reports.

The decision was adopted unanimously and will be applied from six in the morning on September 12th. The BiH presidency recently issued a decision approving entry for citizens of China, Russia, the United States and Turkey.

However, the final decision had to be made by the BiH Council of Ministers, at the suggestion of the BiH Ministry of Security.

The border is open to all foreign tourists. Earlier, the entities, the governments of Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH gave their consent.

This decision was made at a time when the tourist season and holidays are almost over, so the question arises why the Ministry of Security has not previously responded to appeals from tourism workers, but also the Minister of Tourism and Environment Edita Djapo and BiH Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic.

Until now, only citizens of EU member states, Schengen countries, could enter BiH with a negative PCR test. Citizens of Serbia and Montenegro can enter BiH without a test.

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