Mevlevi Tekki in Sarajevo Re-Opens Its Doors on 8 May

qzqd8yAs a gift from the Turkish city of Konye to Sarajevo, this place will once again re-open its doors to citizens on 8 May. The Mevlevi Tekke was built during the Ottoman Empire and used as a place of prayer and worship.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu will open the historic tekke, confirmed the Director of the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination of BiH (TIKA) Zulkuf Oruc to Anadolia Agency. There will also be a delegation from municipality Selčuklu and officials from BiH.

It was built in 1463 and destroyed in the 1950’s, and the Mevlevi Tekke changed its location and is now located a bit more than 50 meters from the “Kovači” burial ground, where the burial of the first President of BIH is located.

Oruc told Anadolia that the foundation for this building is the friendly relations between the municipality of Stari Grad in Sarajevo and municipality Selčuklu from Konye, which donated funds for the construction and which is located near the Žuta Tabija.

The project was implemented by TIKA, and Oruc explained that the goal was not to build an ordinary building, but to revive and sustain a tradition.

Construction began on 15 October, and all works finished on 6 April of this year.

(Source: Vijesti.ba/Anadolia)

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