Migrant Students were welcomed in Schools in Ilidza and Pazaric

The First primary school in Ilidza and the primary school Deveti maj Pazaric prepared a welcome for new migrant students. Reporters recorded the first moments of new students in the First Primary School and this year’s way of their inclusion in the educational system of the Canton Sarajevo (CS).

It is important to mention that the First primary school in Ilidza is richer by 30 new migrant students. Along with the school anthem, the collective welcomed new friends. The translators took their places. The words of welcome were given by the principal and a six-member professional team that will work with new students in preparatory classes for two months.

“In those two months, the focus will be on psychosocial integration, we will do educational, art, sports workshops with children, we will do the initial study of the Bosnian language – children will be offered a wide range of interesting content,” explained Senadija Hadrovic, pedagogue and project coordinator for the children on the move.

Since the children come from different countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan – translators will be present at the preparatory classes. Once the preparatory process is complete, students will gradually integrate into regular classes.

“As the children learn the language and get ready for regular classes, we will include those children. Those who are not ready, of course, we will additionally hold classes for them so that they can later be included in the regular teaching process, ” pointed out Arif Celovic, the principal of the First primary School.

Hadrovic added that there is an exchange. They learn Bosnian culture from our children, and we learn their cultures, Federalna writes.


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