Mijajlović, Wright, Hadžifejzović, Komšić and Stanić believe BIH will defeat Greeks

Several renowned people from BiH commented the upcoming match between Greece and BiH, among them were BiH journalist Marjan Mijajlović, BiH basketball player Zack Wright, journalist Senad Hadžifejzović, famous Croatian football player Mario Stanić and member of BIH Presidency Željko Komšić.

Mijajlović said that he expect tough match, but he’s convinced that BIH team will defeat Greece with Džeko being the one to score the goal and added that he thinks that BiH will defeat Greece with 1:0 in a very hard match.

Wright said that if BiH players play a good match, the way they can, the match would be good, and he hopes BiH will win with 1:0.

Famous BiH journalist Senad Hadžifejszović said that the loss must not be an option, but it is not imperative that BiH team wins, and added that he hopes that Pjanić will play and that Misimović will show a very good play, and hopes for the result 1:0.

Komšić hopes that BiH team will win with 2:0, and Stanić said that he hopes that BiH will defeat Greece.

Ambassador of Greece in BiH Karolos Gadis said that he hopes for a good match in Zenica and he hopes that both teams will qualify to World Cup 2014 which will be held in Brazil.

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