Minister Bandić to Present the Information System Tomorrow

muamer_bandicThe Minister of Labour, Social policy, Displaced persons and Refugees of the Canton of Sarajevo, Muamer Bandić will hold a press conference tomorrow during which he will present information on establishing an information system in the sectors of civil protection, rights of families with children and rights of civil war victims as well as establishing information connecting with the institutions of social protection.

It is a huge system, certainly if we take into consideration that around 50 000 users of a certain right in the sector of the social protection, protection of families with children and protection of civil war victims will be included into it.

The main objective of this system is to establish a real social picture of the Canton of Sarajevo as well as to prevent double use and abuse of those rights and a full control of the rational spending of funds of the Budget of Canton of Sarajevo – was announced at the Press service of the Canton.

(Source: Fena)

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