Minister Crnadak hosts the Ambassador of China at a farewell Reception

Crnadak Chunfeng klix.ba

The Foreign Affair Minister of B&H Igor Crnadak hosted  the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in B&H, Dong Chunfeng, at a farewell reception yesterday.

The Minister Crnadak pointed out that the relations between the two countries have been in an upswing for years now, and that they are not burdened by the opened issues.

„Although the main priority for B&H is the membership in the EU, we do not neglect at least the development of relations with other countries, and the People’s Republic of China is especially significant in that field“, said the Minister Crnadak.

The Ambassador Chunfeng emphasized the good bilateral relations of the two countries, lately followed by good economic relations as well, where he pointed out the project TPP Stanari, and that the continuation of similar Chinese investments is expected as well.

(Source: klix.ba)

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