Minister Delic: So far, almost one million BAM have been paid for Incentives in Agriculture

At the beginning of April, the Government of Canton Sarajevo (CS), on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy, adopted the Decision on the number of financial incentives, minimum requirements for starting production, minimum requirements for investment, and deadlines for submitting applications for 2021.

The decision envisages 6.1 million BAM of budget funds for incentives in agricultural production, which is an increase of about 600.000 BAM when compared to the last year.

“This Decision also covers the payment of applications that were not realized in the previous year due to administrative and technical difficulties, but according to the second list, on which there are 180 approved requests for incentives, we paid 450.725.15 BAM for several different types of production, including fattening of cattle, chickens, the first quarter of the milk, greenhouse production, procurement of machinery, etc. It is important to mention that the payment of previous requests for 2020 was made this year in the amount of 513.345.85 BAM, ” told Minister of Economy, Adnan Delic.

Minister Delic pointed out the importance of agricultural production in the Canton and reminded that the Ministry of Economy tried to facilitate these producers through different activities, including the purchase of market surpluses of 147.7 tons of mercantile potatoes and onions, which was taken over from producers in April and distributed according to the Action Plan adopted by the Government of CS, as well as the Decision by which agricultural producers are allowed to use seeds and planting material from their reproduction.

“With this Decision, we have enabled agricultural producers to use seed material from their production, so they no longer have to submit fiscal invoices as proof that they have bought the declared seed and planting material, which is one of the conditions for exercising the right to incentives. We believe that it is one among many other incentives that will relieve producers and thus enable greater production of plant crops in the area of our canton, ” said Minister Delic, adding that the Ministry of Economy will continue to work on improving conditions for agricultural producers.

In this regard, he announced amendments to the Law and the Rulebook on Incentives in Agricultural Production, to improve and adapt them to new trends in production, and the situation in the field, writes.


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