Minister Lagumdžija Received Ambassador of Russia and France

The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Zlatko Lagumdžija received the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH Alexander Botsan-Kharchenka and the Ambassador of France to BiH Roland Gilles yesterday in separate meetings.

Minister Lagumdžija and Ambassador Botsan-Kharchenko exhchanged information and views on the situation in BiH and Russia, as well as the foreign policy priorities of both countries, and they discussed the opportunities to intensify bilateral visits at a high level in the near future.

Lagumdžija expressed the interest of BiH to enhance economic cooperation with the Russian Federation, especially in the area of investment and trade.

At the meeting they discussed cooperation between the two countries at the multilateral level, opportunities to enhance parliamentary cooperation, as well as cooperation in the area of security, education, science and culture.

Minister Lagumdžija and Ambassador Gilles agreed that BiH and France have very good bilateral relations, and that there has been successful cooperation in a number of bilateral and multilateral areas.

Lagumdžija especially stressed French support for BiH’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Lagumdžija and Gilles exchanged their views on the current progress of BiH.

Minister Lagumdžija expressed his hope that the next period will bring an intensification of political dialogue between the two countries at a high level, as well as intensifying cooperation in the economic sector where there exists significant scope.

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