Minister of Foreign Trade Mirko Sarovic established a Joint Center for the Control of African Swine Fever,

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirko Sarovic has decided to establish a Joint Center for the Control of African Swine Fever, a crisis headquarters that will work to prevent the onset of this disease in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The task of the team is to implement all the necessary control and prevention measures, that is, to prevent the introduction of African swine fever in BiH, and after the onset of this disease in the region, in Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

The Joint Center will work to coordinate the implementation of all activities and measures to prevent the introduction, early detection and control of African swine fever, as well as coordination of implementation and epidemiological examination in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On August 12th, and after the suspicion that there are pigs infected with African swine fever (ASF) in neighboring Serbia, the Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has temporarily forbidden the imports of swine meat and its products from the country.

The office explained in a statement that the temporary ban includes import of domestic and wild pigs, their meat, as well as products originating from pigs that have not been treated in a way to safely destroy the ASF.


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