Minister Sarovic: No Progress for BiH without Reforms of Energy Sector

Mirko Sarovic, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, addressed the attendees at the 4th Energy Summit, and he stated that when whole situation of what had been done and what is yet to be done is revised, we can conclude that reforms are the only path.

“I would love that situation is different and that we have some other data and solutions. The same destiny is probably waiting for us in the first half of year 2019. We have spent almost three years, supported eleven ministerial meetings, meetings of prime ministers, we have promised to arrange new legislation in the field of electricity and gas, in order to meet the requirements for the energy sector. However, the real truth is that we haven’t fully implemented second energy package, then third energy package came and now there is the fourth energy panel as well,” said Minister Sarovic.

He noted out that BiH has predisposition to become leader in the regional energy sector, but it is clear that we are not considered as regional partner but a regional problem instead.

“We are the largest net exporter of electrical energy in the region, but in order to become true leaders, much more has to be done in order to attract the investors. Our chance is the most visible when it comes to electric energy,” explained Minister Sarovic.

While commenting the information that BiH needs around 3 billion EUR in the next 20 years to reach the level of EU, Minister Sarovic said that a significant part of that money has to come from private sector through different forms of cooperation.


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