Minister Sarovic: Ramljak to visit BiH and present Plans for Mercator

sarovicMinister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Sarovic said that according to the latest information, the Commissioner of the Government of Croatia for “Agrokor”, Ante Ramljak, will visit BiH in the next few days.

Minister Sarovic said that Ramljak is supposed to come to BiH and present plans regarding “Mercator”.

“We will see if everything is agreed between Zagreb and Ljubljana, or Slovenian key creditors and Ramljak’s creditors. We requested from Ramljak and we are confident that he will inform us what is the guarantee or guarantees given by companies from BiH to headquarters of Agrokor, because it is the topic of speculations in the public in recent weeks, and large amounts are mentioned – a tital of 20, 30 and eveb 40 million EUR,” said Minister Sarovic.

He also added that Ramljak will inform representatives in Sarajevo on how much the daughter companies from BiH are indebted on behalf of “Agrokor” headquarters.

Minister Sarovic also announced that scheduling of joint session of the Government of Croatia and the Council of Ministers of BiH is expected in the next three weeks, and that “Agrokor” will most probably be the topic of the meeting.


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