Minister Šarović: We want to be leaders in progress and adoption of European legislation

Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Economic Relations of BiH has fulfilled 90% of their plan for 2012, although the remaining 10% (one law and several themes) was also fulfilled, but these projects were not approved to go into procedure through the Council of Ministers or the Parliament.

”Our plan for 2013 is even more ambitious, more laws and themes are going to be drafted. We will increase the volume of our work by 50%. In 2013 we plan to draft seven laws” said the Minister of Foreign Commerce and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović

He said that his ministry was the leader in progress and adoption of European legislation, and he is an optimist that his ministry will be successful in the next year too.

”Our plans in 2013 are to make additional progress of BiH towards the EU, and fulfilling different agendas of the road map. Another plan is to become a part of WTO and we hope that it will happen in the end of 2013 or at least we hope to finish negotiating with other countries we haven’t finished negotiations. Our plan is also to prepare BiH for Croatian accession to EU and to secure the export of key BiH goods: dairy products, poultry products, eggs, etc to European market. I think that we are on a good path and that during 2012 we made significant progress, such was the improvement of functioning of The Veterinary Office of BiH”, said Šarović

He added that in 2013 he expects that his Ministry will tackle the issue of Elektroprenos BiH.

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