Minister: The new school year in Canton Sarajevo depends on the Epidemiological Situation

Minister of Education of Canton Sarajevo Naida Hota-Muminovic says that the goal is for as many students as possible to be included in classrooms as often as possible in the new school year, but how it will all look should be known in August and will depend on the epidemiological situation.

“At the end of August, we will know what the epidemiological situation is in Sarajevo Canton. Then we will bring the work schedule. Our ultimate goal is for as many students as possible to be included in classroom classes as often as possible, because the research showed that students were exposed to stress, more than their parents and their teachers “, the Minister pointed out.

There is, she says, a drastic change in routine in their daily lives, which has resulted in high levels of stress.

“Our primary goal is to keep our schools open as a matter of priority. The same rules may not apply to each of the schools. There are schools with fewer students or schools that are close to where students live. We will have all those details during this month, ”she said.

Hota-Muminovic points out that teachers think that it is better to work with students in classrooms than in the online version.

In addition to being there to transfer knowledge, teachers, she said, monitor the overall growth and development of students.

“Teachers are often the first to notice certain risks in student development. They are the first to react because parents cannot always and completely see the situation or see their child in the classroom environment. Teachers can see it, they can notice many things, signal, react. And that is their job. And they are aware that real teaching, in the classroom, cannot be replaced by anything. We are doing everything in our power to make the teachers as ready as possible, “said Minister Hota-Muminovic.

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