Positive: BH Ministry to buy a House to a Former War Veteran

The Ministry for Issues of the War Veterans allocated money for the construction of a house for the father of a killed war veteran and the war invalid, Sulejman Mehmedic. Relevant minister, Muharem Fiso, announced that works will start on Friday, August 17.

Minister Fiso visited Mehmedic, who lives alone in the old and ruinous house in the village of Jelec, the Municipality of Hadzici.

Mehmedic said that his life is very hard. This participant of the defensive-liberation war with 80 % invalidity was not able to repair the damage at his house due to minimal income and difficult health condition.

Minister Fiso noted that it is permanent obligation of our society to take care of the families who have the largest merits for our lives in peace and freedom.

(Source: klix.ba)



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