Ministry of Defense of BiH: Serving Military Service abroad violates the Law

The Law on Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)prohibits citizens of BiH residing in the territory of that country, as well as those with dual citizenship, from serving military service and training as recruits in the armed forces of other countries, the Ministry of Defense of BiH announced yesterday.

“Any incitement and encouragement to act contrary to the provisions of the law may be related to the violation of Article 162b of the Criminal Code of BiH, which specifies that imprisonment will be imposed on anyone who publicly, through the media, distributes or in any other way send a message to the public, which aims to encourage others to commit this crime, “the statement said.

The Ministry of Defense of BiH stressed that, in order to respect the laws of BiH, they expect responsible action not only by those who express such and similar views but also by citizens of BiH to whom such messages are sent.

“We also expect the competent bodies and institutions in BiH, responsible for law enforcement, to implement all necessary measures and activities provided by law, in order to ensure compliance with these regulations,” the Ministry of Defense explained in a statement.



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