Mirela Karahmetovic is a famous Make-up Artist from Australia

Mirela Karahmetovic is a girl whose parents are originally from B&H, and they are now living in Australia. Mirela is engaged in the art of make-up, and she promotes her talent on Instagram.

She entered in the world of makeup after she did a three-year training for hairdressers with her sister who is a hairdresser by profession. She realized soon that this was not her calling and focused on makeup.

“I decided to build a name on Instagram and Facebook and thus promote my work. I’d like to start my own brand and it’s certainly one of my goals,” said this young woman.

When asked what life is like in Australia, and how does she like to spend her time, Mirela said: “Australia is really beautiful, land of opportunity, and there really is so much to be seen and experienced. The beaches are amazing, the weather is great and kangaroos are everywhere! The people are very hospitable and they are always interested in where I’m from, even though most of them do not know where B&H is. I am grateful for having a chance to live here and I am planning to use it in the best way possible. My dream is to live on a farm, to have horses and children running around and enjoying the nature.”

“I love my family, they are making me very happy. I love that we can introduce so much Bosnian traditions in our lives. My mother always encouraged us to speak Bosnian, and even though I’ve forgotten a lot of things, I still know to read and write in Bosnian. The only difficult thing for me is to maintain a conversation. But I am planning to teach my children everything that my parents taught me. I would like to bring my children to Bosnia and show them where their grandparents are from. The same as my mother and father did,” said Mirela.

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