Mirza Pramenković: A true sports ambassador

pramenkovicAt the traditional selection of the best athletes of BiH in 2016, organized by the Sports Federation of BiH, the award “Ambassador of Sports of BiH” has received Mirza Pramenković, world junior champion in kick-boxing.

In 2016, Mirza Pramenković won the gold medal at World Junior Championship in kickboxing, which was held in Dublin. He dedicated his victory to all Bosnians and even insisted for the anthem of BiH to be played at the welcoming ceremony.

His first competition was at the European Cup in Karlovac, and “Ilidza Open” in the category of +94 kg, where he won the gold medal. Later on, he fought on the state Kickbox championship BiH in Foca in the category +89 kg and became a national champion. The, Balkan Championship in Tesanj. Three gold medals in the categories of -89, -91, -94. Triple Balkan champion.

In 2015 and 2016 he gained the status of “Promising athletes of Canton Sarajevo” and he also received a plaque from the Novi Grad municipality.

Mirza Pramenković was born in Sarajevo in 1998, where he finished primary school and currently attends the third grade of Dobrinja High School. He plans to enroll in the Academy of fine arts.





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