Monitoring Report: Almost 90 Percent of public Procurement in BiH is “risky”

About 133 million BAM was spent on monitored risky public procurements, which, according to the Monitoring on Public Procurement Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), amounts to about 90 percent. The monitoring report of the Center for Media Development and Analysis and the PratimoTendere.ba portal, which was published yesterday in Sarajevo, also indicates catastrophic data, great non-transparency in spending public money, and illegal planning of public procurement.

As the Report shows, only 11 percent of monitored tenders, or 614 out of 5.426, have low risk. The value of monitored tenders is 138 million BAM, of which tenders with a total value of 5.3 million BAM or only 3.8 percent have a low risk.

Of the 4.812 risky public procurements, 4.580 are direct agreements

Eldin Karic, executive director of the Center for Media Development and Analysis, thinks that this is an indicator of how billions of convertible marks are spent non-transparently and that the money is poorly managed, which opens space for numerous manipulations.

‘This means that nine out of ten public procurements are risky. These are catastrophic data because, if we know that about 3.5 billion BAM is spent annually in BiH through public procurement, and when you take this percentage of 90 percent of risk if the trend of the sample we have is transferred to the absolute amount, it is obvious that a huge amount of funds is endangered, ” emphasized Karic at the presentation of the Report.

According to him, the situation in which 90 percent of public procurements are risky is not for a red alarm, but for much more concrete things.

Procurement of uniforms for newly employed members of the Gendarmerie of the Republika Srpska (RS) Ministry of the Internal Affairs

Golubovic noted that research shows how every car tender in BiH is rigged.

Why? There is only one offer, the technical specifications have been copied from the catalog of bidders, the contracting authorities clearly define which car they want to procure, whichis illegal, ” told Golubovic.

Also, according to Golubovic, favoring one bidder is a special problem and there are different ways of execution, and the most common indication of favoring only one bidder is that in the end only one bid appears and that is the same as an estimate or approximately estimated value.

An example of this is the purchase of uniforms for newly employed members of the Gendarmerie of the RS Ministry of the Internal Affairs, where an offer whose value is identical to the estimated value appeared, ” concluded Golubovic.

At the end of the press conference, awards were given to institutions that are an example of transparency in the conduct of public procurement.


Source: Klix.ba

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