Monks from Banja Luka: soon to produce other Cheeses by French Recipe

monks2Besides the famous Trappist cheese that is produced in Aleksandrovac near Banja Luka, the production of other cheeses by the recipe of French monks should start very soon.

“We are planning to increase our assortment with some other semi-hard cheeses, as they would give us the recipe from France. These would be a little more commercial types of cheeses, because the recipes are not so secret since technologists who are not from the Trappist order could also produce it,” said Dr. Drazenko Budimir from the Agricultural Cooperative “Livac” where the production of the famous Trappist cheese started at end of 2008.

Currently, only one monk from the St. Mary Star Monastery of the Trappist order, Father Tomislav Topic, knows the recipe for making this cheese, and he is working as a technologist in the ZZ Livac, whose founder is Caritas of Banja Luka Diocese.

They are producing between 2 and 2, 5 tons of this cheese every month, and they are also planning to double the production. All produced cheese is sold on the domestic market, but they are expecting to start exporting soon.

“We are waiting approval for export, because we have a demand particularly in Croatia, where we exported until its entry into the EU, as well as in the Scandinavian countries,” emphasized Budimir.

Monks of the St. Mary Star Monastery of the Trappist order were the first who started producing Trappist cheese in this region back in 1882.


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