Monograph of Sarajevo Assassination-One Hundred Years Later’

sarajevski_atentat_dwThe publishing house Rabic Sarajevo published a monograph called ‘Sarajevo Assassination-One Hundred Years Later’.

The editor of the monograph Željko Ivanković said that the book contains, just for this occasion, exclusively written texts: historiographical diverse views as a possible frame for the picture of one historical act, as well as literature of some of its aspects as a gift to the reader’s imagination of those who are aware that books are there to be read, and not to address the crucial questions of the world.

The first part brings four historiographical studies that were written by Latinka Perović (Belgrade): ‘’Serbia at the beginning of XX Century-in the mirror of one misplaced historical source of second order’’, Ivo Banac (Zagreb): ‘’Sarajevo 1914: Triumph of Amateurism’’, Ivo Goldstein (Zagreb-Paris): ‘’Yugoslavia as result of Sarajevo assassination-ideal state framework, artifact or prison of nations?’’ and Milan Zemko (Bratislava): ‘’Central Europe in the vortex of history between Sarajevo assassination and European integration’’.

The second part of the book contains contributions of distinguished writers whose prose responded to the challenging theme: Filip David (Belgrade): ”Assassination that never happened. Letter about a dream’’, Svetislav Basara (Belgrade): ‘’Monologue of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Purgatory’’ and Miljenko Jergović (Zagreb): ‘’Nezemaljski zraz njegovih ruku. Skica za roman o sinu”.

The design of the photo monograph was done by respectable B&H designer Dragan S. Stefanović, who has been living and working in Switzerland for many years.

(Source: Fena)

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