Montenegro and BiH Have No Unresolved Issues

BiH and Montenegro have no unresolved issues and there has been no discontinuity in relations between the two countries, said the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović in an interview for BHT.

Đukanović said that cooperation between BiH and Montenegro could be a good example to others in the region.

He expressed his belief that Montenegro and BiH, through the finalization of some issues such as the border between countries in the former Yugoslavia, it would be encouraging to see whether the first agreement on demarcation between two countries in the former Yugoslavia.

“BiH and Montenegro relations represent an excellent example of good neighborly relations, constructive collaboration and I believe that it could still be a contribution and to encourage others in the region to establish quality relations. In this way, we establish legitimacy that would lead us towards European and Euro-Atlantic society’’, said Đukanović.

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