US Embassy Organized Roundtable on Progress of Equality in Legal Sector

The US Embassy to BiH and the Women’s Association of Judges in BiH organized yesterday in Sarajevo a roundtable “Progress of Equality in the Legal Sector”.

Participants, female judges, lawyers and legal advisors spoke of the importance of recognizing the position of female judges in BIH society.

“What is specific in BiH is that female judges are the majority. However, the question is posed whether they are really in a position of power or just performing a function? Female judges conclude that they do not have sufficient power and that they do not consider their positions as one of power and influence. The primary responsibility for this rests on the attitude of BiH society towards women’’, said the judge of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo and President of the Women’s Association of Judges Adisa Zahiragić.

The legal advisor at the US Embassy to BiH Ruth Plagenhoef addressed the participants and said that it is most important to have equal treatment in the judiciary.

“Women and their equality are important in all segments of society. It is important for them to be treated in the same way and to enjoy the same rights’’, said Plagenhoef.

Participants of the roundtable were also welcomed by the American Ambassador to Sarajevo Patrick S. Moon, who spoke of the importance of the activities of the Women’s Association of Judges in BiH. He commended them for their work.

“The US strongly supports the rule of law in BiH. This is crucial so that BiH could become a member of NATO and the EU. It is even more important that BiH citizens demand that the rule of law is strengthened because that directly affects on the quality of their lives’’, said Moon.

The roundtable was organized in order to mark the International Day of Women on 8 March.

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