Moon: Ashton Was Very Clear Today and “Sejdić- Finci” Has to be Implemented

moon_583323137-1The Ambassador of the US to BiH Patrick Moon said last night that the High Representative of the EU for Security and Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton, who visited Sarajevo yesterday, was very clear in her statements to politicians.

Ashton yesterday expressed her great disappointment that since her last visit to BiH six months ago, when she was here with the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, no progress has been made.

She warned that the implementation of the ruling at the European Court of Human Rights “Sejdić- Finci” will not disappear, but would allow the Stabilization and Association Agreeement to be put into force and BiH would submit a credible application to the EU.

“BiH leaders have to jointly act to demonstrate to BiH citizens that they are capable of carrying this state towards the EU. It would be a shame and a huge disappointment if political leaders now pull out of this process’’, said Moon in a statement to Fena.

He recalled that political leaders came to a joint solution during the meeting in Brussels, and this model of implementation is still ‘on the table’ although it can change and adjust in the goal of satisfying all participants in the process.

“There are still three proposals for implementation that are in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, and which is possible to apply or to find a different model’’, thinks Moon.

The ruling has to be implemented quickly, said Moon. Without it, BiH would not be able to continue to deny the human rights to a part of its citizens.

(source: Fena)

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