Mosque built jointly by Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians

Mosque in Dub near Travnik novovrijeme.baIn the presence of a large number of believers, representatives of the authorities and the Islamic Community in B&H (ICB&H), the newly built mosque in whose construction participated Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox Christians was officially opened two days ago in the village Dub near Travnik.

More than 10.000 people attended the opening of the mosque whose construction was largely supported by the Catholics and Orthodox Christians that live in B&H. The new mosque was opened by the 10-year-old Hamza Zuparovic whose father donated the largest financial means for the construction of the mosque from that jamaat.

“Today is a special day for our jamaat. This mosque reflects the messages of peace and coexistence. An additional charm is that the construction of this religious building was supported by the believers of other religions. Large donations were given by Orthodox Christians from Brcko and other cities, as well as Catholics from Vitez, Travnik, Bila, etc. and that is what makes this mosque special”, said the imam of the mosque in Dub, Esad ef. Fusko.

The envoy of the Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in B&H Nusret ef. Avdibegovic said that “a river of people arrived in the jamaat Dub today”.

“A river of people arrived today in the jamaat Dub, and this jamaat deserves it. The unity of Muslims in work, worship and honesty is reflected here. Today, these Bosniaks opened both their hearts and gardens”, said Avdibegovic.

Jamaat Dub counts 230 households with 1.050 residents in total. The jamaat is located northeast from Travnik. Before the construction of the first mosque, the religious life was conducted in an old maktab. The first mosque was constructed in 1936. The old mosque has served its purpose for 72 years, and on February 15th 2008 the people from the jamaat demolished the old mosque and constructed a functional new mosque with all accompanying facilities (maktab, gasulhana, boiler room, abdesthana, and business and office space) in six months.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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