Mostar: “Speed Date a Politician”

young people in mostarThe Youth Council of the City of Mostar Launches a Project, in cooperation with the Agency for local democracy Mostar, supported by the Council of Europe and financially supported by Lichtenstein will be implementing from August to October a project entitled “Speed date a politician – 36 key questions for the young of Mostar”.

The idea of the project is for the young people to ask 36 questions the young politicians who represent the future of the Mostar political scene and who will be fighting for a better future in that town.- was announced at the Youth Council.

“Speed date a politician” will be recorded, documented and published on the websites of the Youth Council and of the Agency for local democracy.

The goal of this project is to increase responsibility and involvement of the young politicians at the political scene of Mostar and to motivate the young people to go to the elections 2014. – was announced in the communication.

(Source: Fena)


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