Mostar Will Get A Modern Secondary School

mostar (1)The neglected area of the Mostar neighborhood Rodoč will receive a modern secondary school, primary school, nursery and infirmary in two years.

The building of a modern and equipped school center is worth more than 8 million KM. Due to the technical and logistical equipment, the number of physical units, it will be one of the most modern educational centers of its kind in the region, and its construction from donations will be helped by the Croatian diaspora.

In addition to creating new jobs for teachers, doctors, nurses, and psychologists, it will offer schooling for children with special needs, who face numerous problems for several years already due to the existing capacities in schools, according to Večernji list.

The idea to build this center came up after the successful realization of a charity donation by Croatian emigrant Vlado Vukoja from Switzerland who, through the Association “Bright Smile” helped purchase special wheelchairs for 13 year old Niko Miličević from Mostar. After this action there was a new meeting with Olga Stross, who with Croatian emigrants and German humanitarians agreed to start a huge action in more countries on the construction of the most modern Center that would be a shelter for a large number of children at the regional level. The first step in the realization of this project was made in Frankfurt with a humanitarian concert that was attended by representatives of associations from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Since the realization of the project requires the help fo the city of Mostar, The Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić was invited to a humanitarian dinner, as well as the owner of the construction company “Vranica” Ile Vrjiić, whose office is funding the projects. In talks is the organization of a few more humanitarian dinners for the construction of a school complex that would begin in Rodoč, and with the Croatian diaspora, its financing will be helped by wealthy German and Swiss entrepreneurs.

(Source: E-kapija)

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