The Motor Club “Free Riders”: Bikers Refreshing Maglaj

motoklub-free-ridersi-motordzije-ozivile-maglaj_1410244940After the terrible floods that nearly ruined the city completely in May, all cultural, sports and entertaining events that we were used to during the summer were cancelled.

Among them, the most famous was surely the “Students summer”. Still, there are some activities that remained among which the one organized by the members of the Maglaj MC Free riders. They organized the 3rd MOTO PARTY 2014 outside the city, in front of the recently renewed and opened motel Bistrica, along the main road M-17.

“We owe it to our exhausted city, our friends and all bike lovers” – said the members of the MC Free riders.

The bikers and other visitors enjoyed, as always, good food and music, free camping and the famous bikers beans. The Sunday afternoon was prolonged till late at night. Bikers from Žepče, Zavidovići, Tešanj, Doboj and other nearby places also came. Zela was responsible for the logistics and offered everyone at the entrance of the event, along with the ticket, a toast. The men bikers received a gift – man’s underwear (more precisely thongs, a gift from a friend from Austria) while the girls received flowers.

There was also a box at the entrance where those who attended the event could place money for Elvir Merdić from Maglaj who suffers from a serious disease.

After the water withdraw in May from Maglaj, bikers and their colleagues volunteered for several days. All participants of this event received letter of thanks, as well as others who showed interest in this event. Among those who received those letters are the newspapers Oslobođenje too.

Expensive hobby

“Free riders” from Maglaj, says Jasmin Hrnjičić, the president of this MC, are very aware that this is an expensive hobby. In cooperation with the police and various NGO-s, they organize gatherings and educative meetings about traffic, because the roads and an irresponsible approach to yourself and others are a serious topic which takes lives every year.

The 3rd Maglaj MOTO PARTY was highly visited due to its reputation across the country and even outside the borders.

(Source: Oslobođenje)


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