Mountaineers from Sarajevo conquered all 57 Peaks above 2,000 Meters in BiH

After a whole day of “struggle” with a thick grass, mountaineers from Sarajevo Kenan Berberovic, Hasan Karabeg, and Senad Beckovic won the 2,014-meter high peak of Mali Vis on Vran Mountain. For Hasan and Kenan, this was the 57th and the last peak higher than 2,000 meters in BiH, with which they completed their “Fifty Seven Summits” goal.

“I did not set any goal in front of me at the beginning of the adventure on our mountains. Walking, a look at the magnificent mountains, decorated with crystal clear snow and ice in the winter, with constant reflection was enough for me.”

“I found a great inspiration in the legendary book of the intriguing title of ‘Forgotten Beauty’ by the author Mathias Gomez. Gomez described the access to 25 BH peaks over 2,000 meters of height. This book largely expanded my horizons and further encouraged me to continue exploring our mountains. To be on the unknown ground for the first time, relying on your own senses, it is a real challenge and an incredible experience, and its result is a complete mountain experience. After climbing Pestibrdo on November 19, 2015, I completed the challenge from Gomez’s book, and I got interested in the total number of BH peaks over 2,000 meters with my hiking partner Hasan,” said Berberovic.

“I found the list of 46 peaks on the web page planinarenje.ba. With the necessary corrections on this list (the peak Crkvina belongs to Montenegro, and the list is lacking peaks: Volujak 2,356 meters, Prsti 2,271 meters, Lica 2,111 meters, Rudinski kom 2,157 meters and Kozji pogled 2,077 meters on Volujak Mountain, and Kapci with 2,156 meters on Cvrsnica Mountain, after which I came to the number 51. A special, slightly cultic status has the highest peak of Vjetrena brda at Prenj Mountain. The highest peak in the chain is known as Erac and is the first neighbor of Lupoglav. Gomez included this peak on his list. Its height is 2,082 meters, and thus the number of peaks increased to 52. “

“After 51 peeks, I published this story at the Zone 2000 forum where I asked for help and information if I missed some of the peaks. With their help, I came to another five peeks: Klekova glavica with 2,000 meters on Treskavica, Mali vis with 2,014 meters on Vran, Kocanj kuk with 2,103 meters, Adzovac with 2,041 meters and Lica-south peek with 2,153 meters on Volujak,” stated Kenan.

Peaks over 2,000 meters in BiH represent an additional challenge due to their distance, inaccessibility, and all the effort needed to reach them, and the visit to them represents a real adventure. Setting of any kind goals in mountaineering threatens to destroy the true enjoyment, but that is not the case here. There is a goal, but the pleasure is not in reaching it, but in the path that leads to it. The extraordinary feeling of freedom experienced in the rough and beautiful areas makes life more beautiful, and the difficult situations you overcome are making you a more grateful, tolerant and better person,” said  Kenan.

(Source: klix.ba)

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