Mountains in BiH ready for the upcoming Winter Season

The last preparations for the upcoming winter season are underway on the Olympic mountains Bjelasnica and Igman. The company Winter Olympic Games  84 (ZOI 84) says that everything is ready, only snow is missing.

ZOI 84 is ready for the arrival of a new, as they say, even richer season. They point out that the complete system has been improved and a large number of projects have been done that will provide a better offer for visitors.

Aldin Smajkan, the head of the Marketing Service of ZOI 84, says that they are very optimistic: “We plan to make the track snowy this week. The implementation of the complete snowmaking system has been completed, all elevators have been repaired. One of the biggest projects this season is the construction of the VX elevator.

“The arrival of the winter season this year is adjusted to the conditions of the pandemic. ZOI 84 points out that a protocol of behavior of visitors is in force in order to enjoy the Sarajevo mountains as safely as possible. Visitors say they eagerly await the start of the season and an escape from the city crowds and pollution. For those who love snow – good news from the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of BiH. Namely, meteorologists have announced snowfall as early as tomorrow.

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