How much the FBiH earned from the Process of Privatization?

In the process of privatization from 1999 to the end of last year, the Federation of BiH sold the state capital with a total value of 9.1 billion BAM, but only 671 million BAM or slightly more than 7 % was paid in cash, while the remaining 8.5 billion BAM were paid in certificates.

The number of companies that have been completely privatized is 1,088, while the number of partially privatized companies amounts to 94.

A total of 75 % of companies planned for sale according to the Register from 1999 has been completely privatized. The total percentage of companies for which was achieved full or partial privatization is 81.5 %.

The FBiH sold a total of 42.9 % of the capital intended for privatization. Non-privatized state capital that was intended for sale, according to the Register from 1999, amounted to 7.7 billion BAM. This amount was significantly reduced in the past mainly through liquid losses of companies.

A number of issued certificates on the basis of general claims, salaries of members of the AF BiH and the claims of retirees is 16.04 billion BAM. A number of unused certificates at the end of 2016 is 5.1 billion BAM, and they can be used only for the purchase of apartments with existing tenancy rights.

Last year, from the process of privatization, was collected a total of 80.7 million BAM (all in cash). The two most famous privatizations are Tobacco Factory Sarajevo (Fabrika Duhana Sarajevo) and Bosnalijek, and several objects of state companies were sold as well, including the administrative building of Hidrogradnja which was bought by Union Bank for the amount of 11 million BAM.

Two pumps of Energopetrol and Terminals of liquid fuel in the possession of Zeljezara Zenica were sold as well, as reported by BiznisInfo.



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