Government of the Sarajevo Canton defined the Draft Budget for 2016

Budget KS oslobodjenje.baThe Government of the Sarajevo Canton yesterday defined the Draft Budget of the Sarajevo Canton for 2016 amounting to 696,292,200 BAM, on which the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton will declare at its session on December 22.

Deferred income will also be added to this amount, after the completion of annual listing. Uncovered accumulated deficit from previous years amounting to little under 50 million BAM will be covered with planned sufficit in 2017 and 2018 in accordance with the Law on Budgets of FB&H.

Budget in the next year was assessed as realistic and planned incomes are in accordance with announced projections of the Ministry of Finance of FB&H.

In parallel with the budget for 2016, at the session of the Assembly it will also be decided on the Work Program and Financial Plan of the Employment Service of the Sarajevo Canton whose proposals were supported by the Government yesterday. Planned revenues of this service in the next year amount to 44,495,000 BAM, of which the largest part is intended for financial compensations and payments of health insurance for unemployed persons registered in this service.

In the program part, special emphasis is put on active measures of employment for which funds amounting to 6,540,800 BAM are intended and which, it was assessed yesterday, were improved and defined in accordance with the governmental program employment concept.

The Government also forwarded to the Assembly the defined Draft decision on giving consent for temporary financing of the Health Insurance Institute of the Sarajevo Canton for the first quarter of next year, passed by the Administrative Board of the Institute.


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