How much did the Government of FBiH pay for using the Building in Sarajevo?

For its rented premises in Sarajevo, the Government of FBiH pays a total of 41,300 BAM each month to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of BiH, who owns that building. Considering that the Government of the FBiH used the same space since 1997 and that the price of the lease has not changed since the date of the conclusion of the first contract, SDP made about 9.5 million BAM from the Government of FBiH in the last 20 years.

With the aim of resolving the issue of permanent accommodation of the Government of the FBiH, they analyzed possibilities of renting a part of the object of Energoinvest in Sarajevo and the purchase of a devastated facility of the so-called “Glass Bank” in Mostar. A working group was established for these purposes, whose members stated that the building of Energoinvest only partially fulfills the conditions for accommodation and that significant financial investment in the amount of 7.4 million BAM is needed in order to fulfill the needs of the Government of FBiH.

With the audit was established that in 2015, a total of 32 budget users with 3,279 employees were located in the available premises of the Government of the FBiH out of a total of 59 budget users, who had 7,361 employees. The remaining 27 budget users of the FBiH with 4,082 employees were not accommodated in the available premises of the Government of FBiH, which is why the Government of FBiH has been paying rent for all those years. About 12.5 million BAM was spent for the lease of space only in the three years that were covered by the audit, and the total area of the leased space is about 18.080 square meters.

Besides expenditures of the budget on the rented space, investments in “Vila Braun” in the amount of approximately 105,000 BAM, “Hotel Hercegovina” in Mostar in the amount of about 3 million BAM and PE “Geodetic Institute BiH” in Sarajevo in the amount of 3.6 million BAM were noted as an example of ineffective and inefficient management of budget users.

About 3.6 million BAM was invested in the adaptation of the facility “Geodetic Institute BiH” in Sarajevo, but the institutions of the Government of FBiH never moved into that facility. According to some information, PE “Geodetic Institute BiH” sold the facility in 2015 to the Football Association of BiH and the Government of FBiH is now requesting compensation of the invested funds through the court.


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