How much Money will BiH get from selling the Gold Plated House in New York?

stan-sfrj-new-york-700x336Sale of two attractive real estates in New York’s most expensive neighborhoods, which were published by states of the former SFRY, drew great attention of the American public. According to “New York Post”, there is already six potential buyers for the house on the 5th Avenue.

Less than 20 days ago, according to “Blic”, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and BiH made an agreement with the agency that will implement the sale of these attractive properties, and it is the agency “Douglas Elliman.” On the meeting was also agreed on the minimum price of buildings in New York.

The starting price for a house on Fifth Avenue, whose surface is 3,650 square meters, is 40 million EUR, and the palace of the former SFRY found six potential buyers.

“Whoever buys it will inherit the piece of the history of New York,” said Tristan Harper from the agency “Douglas Elliman,” for the New York Post.

The building, as well as the preserved original interior, is under the protection of the State and City of New York since 1969. Its entire interior – furniture, wall paintings, golden skylight and other gold plated details – are included in the purchase price.

In this object was staying Josip Broz Tito, during his stay in New York, and according to some media, he was hiding after the assassination attempt on him in a hotel. The Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia purchased this object on the 24th of January 1947.

And the sale of another object of the former Yugoslavia, on the Park Avenue, also attracted a lot of attention. The sale with a starting price of 15 million EUR, and allegedly famous Hollywood actors Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson are interested in that real estate.

Besides these two properties, the former Yugoslav countries are selling three more. The building in Tokyo has an initial price of 10 million EUR, while the starting price of the object in Berlin is 10.2 million EUR. For real estate in Bonn is requested at least a million EUR.

The agreement on the sale of these 5 object, as well as another 46 that were acquired during the existence of Yugoslavia, was reached in late October between representatives of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatian, BiH, and Macedonia.

(Source: faktor.ba)




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