Multi-million project of energy efficiency in BiH

Representatives of the World Bank headed by Mohinder Gulatij visited this week, the Chamber of Commerce of the Sarajevo Canton where he talked with the President of the Chamber Kemal Grebo and he gave insight to Grebo’s associates on the activities carried out by the Association in the field of energy efficiency.

The World Bank plans to implement multi-million energy efficiency projects, which would be funded by the International Development Association (IDA). Their experts are detailing the preliminary design of the project and its implementation arrangement with both entities of BiH and with the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Economic Relations, said to FENA the Chamber of Commerce of the Sarajevo Canton.

They are especially interested in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and investing in the public sector, i.e. in making schools and hospitals warmer.

Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the BiH building sector can successfully and timely implement the heating systems to selected objects, and that the domestic companies would be viable in the realization of such multi-million investment project.

Leaders of the Chamber managed to convince the World Bank that the construction sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina is more than capable of implementing energy efficiency projects in buildings and that domestic companies have resources and capacity of coping with very complex tasks.

The chamber of Commerce of Sarajevo Canton expects that domestic companies work on the realization of this project.

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