Municipality Srbac Will Lease Land for Construction of Greenhouses

srbacThe Mayor of Municipality Srbac Drago Ćirić announced a public tender for the lease of land to carry out greenhouse production yesterday.

The lease is given to agricultural land in the area Sitneši, which is owned by the RS and makes up 16,69 hectares.

The agricultural land is arable and is leased exclusively for greenhouse production, and the deadline for submission of the public notice is 25 June.

In accordance with the Program for Security and the use of funds for development of agriculture, municipality Srbac will co-finance the interest this year to raise greenhouses to all interested farmers.

The greenhouses can be bought through the Institute for Economy and Development of Banja Luka, which provided two types of greenhouses worth from 12.500-15.000 KM.

“This is a joint agreement that we reached with Sberbank that sells interest-free loans. The loan amount that can be approved for this purpose is 10.000 KM’’, said Ćirić.


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