Municipality Tešanj as Part of the WATSAN Project, 12.9 Million Euros Contract

tesanjThe Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Sarajevo signed a loan contract for the Municipality Tešanj within the project” WATSAN FB&H”.

The municipality officially jointed the project “WATSAN”, which is the largest project in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The total value of the project WATSAN is 121 million euro, and the value of the project for the Municipality Tešanj is € 12.893.000, of which the value of the loan contract is more than 4.8 million euro.

European Investment Bank funds this project with 50% and the rest of the funds is provided by European Commission, the Swedish organization SIDA, and municipalities.

The project involves 20 municipalities in FB&H and so far 14 municipalities have signed contracts with the Federal Ministry of Finance.


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