Municipality Tesanj to expand Industrial Zone “Bukva”?

bukvaMunicipality of Tesanj decided to expand the business zone “Bukva”. Around 1 million BAM will be spent for this purposes, and the Mayor Suad Huskic said that he is working this project to ensure the long-term availability of land for new investments, according to “Manager”.

“Industrial zone “Bukva” in Tesanj is recording intense growth and development in recent years, and it is planned to expand it into new cadastral parcels of 116,106 m2, said the Mayor of Tesanj Suad Huskic.

“By the expansion of the industrial zone with 8 new building plots will be created conditions for locating at least 8 new businesses objects. The average number of employees in the industrial zone Bukva is around 90, and with expansion of the zone around 720 new workplaces will be provided,” explained Huskic.

Municipal authorities are planning to prepare all the necessary documentation and necessary permits during 2016, and the first works are expected in the first half of 2017, while completion of all works should be by the end of 2018.


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