Museums around the world gave the support for institutions of culture in BiH

Two hundred museums, galleries, libraries and other institutions from all over the world have joined in the international action of solidarity with the institutions of culture in BiH, among them the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enthusiasts, joined in the international platform ‘CultureShutDown’ which will from 4 March to 4 April show ,on their web-site, art crossed with yellow tape, similar that is being used at barricades, which was inspired with barricaded doors of the Museum, that symbolises the unavailability of culture. The virtual exhibition will serve to raise the awareness about the situation of cultural institutions of BIH.

On their web-site they called all the experts from the world to work on solving the issue of BiH institutions of culture.

Artist and architecture historian Azra Akšamija is one of the initiators of the action who said that BiH cultural institutions are the symbol of BiH statehood, and their loss would be a tragedy for entire BiH and the region.

Akšamija said that the action is very successful and that many artists, institutions have joined the action, such as president of International Organisation of Museums Leif Pareli, ethnologists Gordan Nikolov etc.

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