Mustafić: Plays at MESS Examines Possibility of Finding and Maintaining Happiness

messThis year’s 53rd international theatre festival MESS will open on 28 September in Mostar with a performance called ‘Osvajanje sreće’ (finding happiness) by director Haris Pašović and will be performed until 7 October in Sarajevo, Goražde and Visoko.

The festival will host around 200 artists from 18 countries and will consist of 25 plays.

In an interview for Fena, the director of MESS Dino Mustafić said that the festival has been held in other cities in B&H for several years already, and the particular goal is to give more people from B&H the chance to see plays from throughout the world. There is a special emphasis on children. Last year, children from Goražde, Visoko and Sarajevo saw a play from Brazil, and this year they will have a chance to see a performance from Chile.

(Source: Fena)

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