N.Čubrilović: Contractor for the construction of Sava Bridge will be known soon

RS Minister of Transport and Communications Nedeljko Čubrilović after talks with the Croatian Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak said that Croatia wants to be a partner in building the bridge over Sava in Gradiška, and he hopes that the contractor will be known at the start of construction season.

According to Čubrilović, during the talks it was concluded that everything is ready for publishing the tender except for condition that Croatia gives its share of money.

Čubrilović said in an interview to ”Nezavisne novine” that Croatians promised to pay 50% of the costs of the construction of the bridge which will cost 50 million EUR.

He stressed that RS has provided 50% of the funds, and it is expected that in the next two to four weeks, the meeting at which the joint committee will arrange the order of the steps to get to the selection of contractors.

Čubrilović noted that the construction of this bridge is very important for economy of Krajina and RS, and added that bridge will be built in two years after the signing of the contract.
According to him, domestic firms that meet the requirements, or had a partner who meets the requirements will be able to participate in the tender.

“Whoever fulfils the requirements and have the best deal – will be selected. We will not waste time on it, risking receiving complaints which would delay the proceedings. We want to quickly select the contractor who will fulfil all the necessary preconditions and who will be able to pass a check appeal’’, concluded Čubrilović.

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