Nebojša Radmanović: BiH is closer to EU

BiH Presidency Chairman Nebojša Radmanović said that BiH is closer to EU and added that there is a political will in BiH and that the International community should not impose any solutions by force.

” I belong to those who created the politics according to which Dayton Peace Agreement is the best for BiH.  I still believe so. Changes of the Dayton Agreement which were created by the International community only created our current problems. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the entities will not give up some of the power that they have, but that needs to be agreed among the politicians in BiH. So, I think citizens of RS and the entire BiH are pro EU”, said Radmanović in an interview for BH Radio 1.

Radmanović said that the cooperation of political parties in BiH represents a first step which will enable the next year to be better than this one.

”BiH GDP could grow by 0.5%, which gives hope that the situation will improve”, said Radmanović

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