New: BookCrossing at Sarajevo International Airport

To the satisfaction of many passengers, City of Sarajevo Libraries have renewed and updated the fond of books at the BookCrossing points at the Sarajevo International Airport by increasing the number of books at the departing gateways.

Sarajevo International Airport and the City of Sarajevo Libraries a few months ago started a joint cultural project – BookCrossing, which is already for some time quite popular at airports across the world, and with the purpose of offering the best service possible to passengers while waiting for their flight and contributing to the promotion of culture in this way.

Passengers while waiting for their flight can enjoy reading a book or take one with them on their flight and afterwards leave them at any other BookCrossing point at any other airport in the world. Passengers can also leave their books here or books they took from other airports in the world.

There is a large variety of books, in many languages and in all official languages of BiH. There are also books that are suitable for all ages.

This “flying bookstore” is a part of a global project BookCrossing – “Flying Book,” a part of which is Sarajevo International Airport, the first one in BiH and with the end goal of expanding a culture of reading.

The basis of BookCrossing is a belief that books should be free and not trapped on a shelf where it’s available to only a few.


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